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happy kidsDate April 2015
To: the Educators and Staff at Breckinridge Montessori School

Thank you for all of your caring instruction and guidance to my daughter. Zoe attended Breckinridge from the time she was 6 months old to kindergarten (May 2014).

The wonderfull educators at Breckinridge were instrumental in Zoe’s success in kindergarten this year in the Highland Park School District. The kindergarten curriculum she faced has been many challenging- lots of weekly homework and daily reading but Zoe has achieved mastery in every grading period thanks to the wonderful educators at Breckinridge.

Mrs. Kibra, Mrs Meena, Mrs. Farhat and all the other educators (pass and present) and staff that have been a part of my child’s years at Breckinridge, thank you.

The most sincere and heart-felt “Thank you” to all of you for providing Zoe with a solid foundation to be a problem solver who can make good choices and curiosity for learning. Thanks to the staff who relentlessly wanted out for the best for our children-whether at the playground or before/after school hours.

Please use me as a references if needed. Would be happy to share my experience with other parents considering the school.

Cissy Dacheva (Zoe’s mom)


My husband and I both work full time and during the year 2010 present, we needed a new child care provider for our two, now three year old son, Carson. We were introduced to Breckinridge Montessori School in Richardson TX. The school exceeds all of our expectations. Because of the positive experience we have at this school and the first impression, we have now enrolled our 1 year old daughter.

My son, Carson, feels completely safe and secure in Ms. Kibra’s Toddler 1 classroom. From the beginning, Ms. Kibra always has a smile and a huge heart for toddler. She offers a variety of educational activities as well as a positive atmosphere. The kindness and patience shown to all of the children is outstanding. Her classroom always reinforces respect and care for others as well as a clean and inviting environment for parents.

Chris and Heather Nash
Richardson, TX


I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we have been with all of the experiences and learning tools Kyla has been exposed to here at Breckinridge. We have seen a multitude of learning techniques that have planted a solid foundation in her educational growth and development and leadership/life skills. I am truly amazed that in less than one year she has developed a stronger sense of independence and self motivation in her daily activities at home and at school.

We truly treasure this partnership in education and discovery and look forward to returning to Breckinridge Montessori School for another wonderful year of preparing Kyla and her peers to be the very best they can be.

Hats off to the entire staff, keep up the good work!
We will not hesitate in recommending Breckinridge to anyone.

M. Turner
Wylie, TX


Niyati has been with the school since her toddler days, and she has been in Ms. Jain’s class since she joined. Ms. Jain and Ms. Ogawa are wonderful teachers. While we did understand that Montessori education was unique and special, we had done our research on other schools and were convinced that Stinson was the choice for us, as it was an exemplary rated school, had a very good student –teacher ratio, smaller class and many other advantages. However, our meeting with you helped us understand that this year was crucial in terms of our child’s emotional, physical and academic development. We also learned that she might be better prepared to join first grade next year, and that all she has learned will probably stay with her if she prolongs her study at the Montessori. We felt the conviction and passion you had for this system of learning and were rest assured that the school would not only greatly benefit from your knowledge and experience. We are looking forward to Niyati continuing her education with Ms. Jain and Ms. Ogawa and we are very grateful to have them as our teachers.

Shree and Ram
Sachse, TX


I don’t have the words to express my gratitude for everything that you all have done. These difficult times are so much as embrassing as they are overwhelming, but you all have made us feel like we were not alone and gave us much care. You did not have to do anything for us, but you all did and I will forever be grateful. One final note, I have never been a person to give up easily and I don’t intend to start now, but I must acknowledge that without your support it would have been much harder to work through this situation. Therefore, again I cannot find the words to express how thankful I am that you were part of our journey.

Ms. Farhat, Ms. Marsha
Rowlett, TX


Yes, Abi Shaw is very excited with the Festival and counting every night how many more nights to sleep until Friday : ))
Thank you for bringing children such a wonderful events and those memories will
stay with them forever.
I keep forgetting to tell you how much I like their new PE program on Tue. and Thur.

It is a great addition to their school life! Thank you very much. I really appreciate your continuous effort to make the
school better place for our children.
Garland, TX


After relocating to Richardson, TX, my top priority was finding a childcare facility for our two children. I toured at least a dozen facilities in Richardson and Plano and selected Breckinridge Montessori School as the best fit for our family. In the time that our children have been at the school, I never regretted that decision.

My son began in the infant room, moved to the pre-toddler room, and is now in the toddler room. All of his teachers are enthusiastic and supportive. It is not easy to leave a little one and I suffered with the heartache of leaving a child under a year old. However, over time I became especially impressed by the care provided in the infant room. There is plenty of room for the little ones to play and explore. The ladies that staff the infant room are kind, have vast experience working with infants, and it is evident that they enjoy their work. I always felt my little boy was attended to with loving gentle hands. Now he is in the toddler room and continues to thrive. My daughter started in the toddler room and graduated to a primary classroom. She is a very social and outgoing child. Her exuberance and excitement toward life is encouraged by her teachers.

Breckinridge provides a clean and safe facility. The teachers, administrators, and support staff are competent and passionate about their work. We are moving to another state, but if we were going to stay in the Richardson area, I would continue to send our children to Breckinridge Montessori School.

Rachel Trafican
Litigation Specialist
U.S. Forest Service
Employment Litigation
Richardson, TX


My husband and I chose Breckinridge because they welcomed us like family. We felt the warmth as soon as we entered the building. Without a doubt the entire staff is extremely professional and caring. The BEST part is the exceptional teachers they have nurturing and motivating the kids. Both of my girls were thoroughly prepared socially, emotionally, and academically. We feel privileged to have found a school to provide such a core foundation for their future!

Carleen Turner

school lobby

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