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teacher teaching the little boy how to readThe Montessori elementary curriculum includes the traditional course selections designed to spark the child’s imagination with awe and wonder and inspire him to learn more.

  • Mathematics
  • Reading, writing & oral expression
  • Geography
  • History
  • Science, Zoology, Botany
  • Music & art
  • Technology

The classroom atmosphere maintains an attitude of respect for each individual student. The Montessori elementary student is not held back by the curriculum of his grade level, but is encouraged to go as far as he is able, making choices and learning at his own pace. The Montessori environment accommodates the elementary child’s need to socialize. He is free to work where and with whom he chooses and to converse with others, sharing information and ideas. Often students work on a project in small groups and make decisions about each student’s contribution to a cooperative effort. Since the children encounter one another more often than in most traditional schools, they have many opportunities to practice social skills and resolve conflicts.